About Us

Welcome to Yara Luxe™ Hair Perfume. I'm so glad you are here!

As a professional hairstylist, I have been truly blessed. From being the lead hairstylist for designer brands, ad campaigns, and major television shows to donning the hair of top models during fashion week, my clients have ranged from the who's who to who's next, lol.

Regardless of who sits in my chair, my mission is to make sure that when I'm done styling someone's hair, the result is healthy hair that feels and looks fabulous.

During my tenure of being a professional hairstylist, I've noticed that a plethora of my clients has damaged hair due to using body perfumes as "hair refreshers" (which contains many harsh chemicals), in conjunction with using hot styling tools, proved to be the major contributors to mass hair havoc. You know something needs to change when the breakage is the mid-to-upper hair shaft. These problematic issues lead me to the idea of creating Yara Luxe™ Hair Perfume.

I began to develop a natural, vegan, and cruelty-free product that is exceptionally beneficial for the hair. Yara Luxe™ Hair Perfume will not compromise your hair's texture (yes, I am talking 4C to 1) while including proven ingredients known to protect hair (as well as extensions and wigs). This product is non-damaging and contains no harsh chemicals.

Yara Luxe is a purse-size hair perfume that can be sprayed several times that last all day and night! Our fragrance is very concentrated; a little goes a long way. And not to brag, well maybe a little, we nailed the scent! If you close your eyes and think luxury, rich, destination getaways –that is what Yara Luxe™ Hair Perfume smells like.

 Yara Luxe™ Hair Perfume was created hoping that you'll feel fabulous and confident when you wear it as if you're just leaving my chair!

Love & Light,


The fragrance industry is multi-faceted, with delicate fragrances holding a celebrity status within it. For those who wear them, perfumes and colognes elicit feelings of joy, confidence, and a sense of well-being. They also present their wearers with an opportunity to create for themselves a virtually unforgettable, personal trademark. Being an African American fragrance perfumer in the United States is a rare profession. I enjoy "playing with people's emotions" using olfactory augmentation.

 Becoming a fragrance perfumer resulted from me spraying about four or five sprays of my father's cologne on before I went to school as a child. I loved walking into the classroom to have everyone stop and ask me, "Ronald, what do you have on?" They would always say," You smell so good." As I developed, this passion expanded beyond just smelling good and into the science behind it; how fragrances were made and the chemistry that came into play when mixed with the natural oils found on the skin.

After about five years of studying to become a fragrance perfumer, I took the knowledge I gained and began developing fragrances for my fragrance company and companies in Miami.

Yara Luxe was created to evoke a fresh aroma for the hair that is also healthy. I used many techniques to develop colognes and perfumes to make Yara Luxe's scents. Because Nycole specializes in celebrity hair styling, hair health, and maintenance, we worked tirelessly to curate a product by collaborating our greatest strengths in our professions. Yara 1 and Yara 2 have soared throughout the country and overseas. Handcrafting this product has been a rewarding experience.

I look forward to creating new fragrances to extend the Yara Luxe fragrance Library and to provide our customers with unique smells that are unforgettable.